Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daily Affirmation - What we focus on, we bring on.

Good morning my crafty friends..

I hope you all had a relaxing and inspired weekend.   Did you do any crafting this weekend?  I didn't.  I took care of myself emotionally, spiritually and bodily getting the rest I truly needed. Sometimes you need to step back and relax ... it helps so much with your creativity. 

I wanted to share an affirmation for today...What we focus on, we bring on. 

For me, as I spent my time this weekend sorting through my emotional file cabinet, I looked back and saw that this affirmation is true.  If you focus on negativity, you bring on negativity.  If your focus is positive, then you bring the positive.  I emptied my emotional file draw of all the negativity that still lingered.  I cleansed my soul of it and believe me, there were decades of it... so now it's relatively empty and from now on, I will fill it with positive thoughts and processes. 

Thanks so much for stopping by... I enjoy creating and have discovered quite a few new projects to try out this week.   I hope you will join me for the daily affirmation and leave one of your own in the comments. 

Relax, relate, release and create... until next time..


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