Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Roll Call...

Sunday! What are you Sunday's like? Today, it's a day to catch up on posting and blogging.  Sending out messages or replying to tweets.  Today is a day of rest for me. Today is also a day of planning.  There is a move in the air and if you all don't know this, I am not a moving kind of person. Well not since I reached my 5th decade.  I like to be settle ... I grew up being settled and spending Sunday's with family around the dinner table.  Not today... our dinner table is filled with things to be packed.  Separating what will go where.   It's also a day to say I love you to my family and friends for all of your support. My heart beats because of you all.  

It's time for the roll call: We are 3 Generations.
Shawn, Stephanie, Andre & David - the beats that are the longest. 
Michelle, Eric, Symphony, Mikie, Symah, Christian, Precious, AJ, Braelyn & Kaleb - the beats that beat the strongest.
Jaidin, Dior & LeeLee - The beats that beat that sustain the rest.

Love you all... 

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