Friday, December 21, 2012

12-21-12 Bahamas Gift Give-Away- Put away for another giveaway!

Well my crafty friends,  the day has come. In some parts of the world, it has been the end of the Mayan calendar for 24 hours, here in the U.S.  it's just 11:03 am... The only freaky thing that happened this morning is rain and a tornado, that right a TORNADO in my county.  We are under a flood watch.  So.. what happened.  No one here in my area (Pennsylvania, Valley Twp) is saying anything... 

But this isn't about me.. I want to know for all those "doomsday preppers" who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for underground bunkers. Setting up food stores and bug out buses.. What are they saying today? A friend of mine, a scrapbooker and her husband packed up and went to the cabin they have in Ohio. She took most of her stuff.. so she could make things after we settled down after the "event".. needless to say..she is pissed that she spent so much money... listening to those who made so much of it scaring the ba'jesus out of everyone.  

So in homage to 12-21-12.. I'm going to give away a gift. Most of you know that I went on a cruise last month and while I was in Atlantis, I picked up one of the hand painted items from the Straw Market... 

Here's what you have to do:
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This is a 24 hour clock on this give away... so leave your comments... 

That's all there is too it.... 
A piece of the Caribbean can be on your desk..

Have a crafty day!! Keep that camera handy; the day isn't over yet... :-)

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