Friday, January 27, 2012

What did you do this week and what I am working on... Join me!

How was your week?  Did anything happen that you just have to share with someone?  You can share it with me if you like. Did you create something or try to?  Did it come out just right or does it need to be "tweaked"?  Here's what I did this week.  I am participating in a fabulous swap next month on   How do I  love crafting, let me count the ways!

This is the list I am working from..

1. Workshops & Crops so much in store what shall I do?
~ Make a card or scrapbook page mini kit for the card you must add a stamp image, & two of each different kinds of ribbons, flowers, brads, & bling. The same with your scrapbook page but you must include mats.  - completed.

2. How I love the smell of them...
~ Make a set of six flowers 2 of each kind - I think I will spruce them up some.

3. A little something sweet hmm what is better than....
~ give a small box or bag of chocolate - This was the easy part. 

4. You don't have to say a word.
~ make a card adding bling or a stick pin.

5. I wish I wish in my crafting world for goodies, goodies, & more goodies
~ alter a 9oz can add bling, mini tags, stamp images, trim, & lace.

6. Mi Carazon ~ My Heart
~ 4 heart items made &/or bought

7. I adore lots of trimmings and eye candy galore.
~ Make a 4x4 6 page mini album 

I am finding this such a great way to do a few touch on some creativity you may not think you have.  It would be so nice to have you join me over at CCL for this swap.  A really fun and dynamic sister is hosting it.  My box is getting full but I need to create a few more things.. and I need some suggestions please.

Thanks for stopping by and happy Friday~

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