Friday, December 2, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge-Day #2 - Best and Worst Gift

As you can imagine, since my life is over 6 decades long, there has been plenty of both however, the most memorable was...

Worst gift - Silly Putty... I really disliked that stuff as a kid. It did take newsprint off paper but then it was all messy. It really served no real purpose as I could tell.

Best gift - My all time favorite bestest gift in the world was the Betsy Wetsy Doll. Now some of you readers are shaking your head saying, what is that?
My first 9 years of life were lived in the 1950's, and it was during those years that Betsy Wetsy became a very special doll to many young girls like myself. Why? As the name implied, she actually wet her diaper! That may seem a bit silly thinking back on it in retrospect, but it made the doll so real...I felt like a mommy taking care of a real baby, just like my Mommy was doing with my brother who was also born during the '50's...feeding my baby, changing her diapers, and putting her down for naps was what I looked forward to every day.  I even had a crib, clothes and toys for my Betsy Wetsy.

Be inspired, then create!

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