Friday, April 12, 2013

Health update...A scare and a 2nd & 3rd opinion

Hi all.. it's been a while since I chatted with you all. I do miss those times when we did chat but I wanted to give you an update on my health.

I had a serious cancer scare for the last 3 weeks.  I woke up 3 weeks ago, the day before my 63rd birthday which for some reason my friends forgot ... :-).  I put my arm down on the bed to get up and got a sharp pain in my right shoulder.  I thought it was bursitis and treated it as such for a couple of days. When things got worse, I went to the ER who took an x-ray of the "wrong"part of the arm and sent me home with a diagnosis of tendonitis.  After another 2 days I went to see my primary, who sent me to a specialist, who sent me for an MRI of my neck, full body scan, an arthrogram of my right shoulder and a MRI of the right shoulder.   He called last week to tell me there was lesions on my bone in the arm.  Now, you don't get "lesions/cancer" of the bone.. it's a side effect of a cancer some where else in the body that spreads to the bone. So for 2 weeks or so, I was under the impression I had cancer, somewhere.  Thank goodness, when I went back to my primary, he found me another orthopedic surgeon that looked at my total body scan and couldn't find not one lesion. What was thought to be a lesion is a defect from, get this.. a broken humeral head with cartilage floating in the shoulder and  a large defect from the injury.   In other words, my shoulder is broken.  NO Cancer.!!! it's worth a 2nd or 3rd opinion when some one tells you that.  At 63, I'm told I'm too young to have had this happen but I was on long term steroids for Sarcoidosis in my lungs (about 15 years) so the Prednisone caused this issue.. Mostly it's in older women in there 80's and it's their hips.. Thank God they are intact.  :-)

For my friends who sent kind words and encouragement, thank you so much.

My mantra is..

Looking Up! I Believe!

I know you see me
I know your there,
But in my heart it’s not fair.
If I look up I see the sky,
And I know up there
It’s hard to hide.
The sky is soft blue,
With white milky clouds,
How can you be in a place
Not found?
In the end,
I fall to my knees
Close my eyes and think of thee.
If you are who you say to be,
Then please oh please take care of me.
Cause I believe!

If I have offended anyone ... I ask your forgiveness because I am sure I had not idea that I had done it.


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