Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Coordinators at MPDS

Please welcome and support our new team of coordinators. These ladies have taken on the responsibility along with myself and Meka, to grow MPDS. Our group is new and it can be more exciting. There are so many of you (56) who came here to show off your creativity in a loving and supporting environment.  I am thrilled to have you here.
I hope that you will take time to join our wonderful coordinators as they promote sisterhood through creativity, swaps and challenges.  We are here for each other..

Cee - this wonderful young lady is our Swap Coordinator. She is so talented. I am open to all of her suggestions.  I am so blessed to have her on board.

Kay - this wonderful young woman is our FB Coordinator.  Our FB is in a shambles.  I am hoping that Kay will be able to breath new life into it. Her suggestions are invaluable.  Thank you Kay for your support.

Cheryl L - this lovely lady has taken over the Card Group.  She is the coordinator and will no doubt challenge us to create outside of our comfort zone when it comes to cards.  I am looking forward to her creativity. Thank you for your support.

There is always room to grow. Please consider referring your friends to our group.  There is no better fun then crafting with friends...

Thank you all for your support and your patronage.  I love all of your creativity and can't wait to see more.   Remember, we are a participatory group.  Join in the fun!


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