Monday, September 10, 2012

Moved in...

Hi (waving at everyone)... it has been an interesting 4 weeks... I am back in the Pennsylvania area, living in Coatesville, PA, near Sadsbury TWP... it's a lovely area, nothing like to city of Coatesville.  Kind of rural really.   Lovely townhouse in a great community. 

I didn't get the "room" I wanted but i did get a large enough space to house my crafting area and I'm so happy with it.   As many of you know, living in Louisiana didn't put me close to any craft stores. Not here, there is both an A.C. Moore and Michaels within 30 minutes of me.. No Hobby Lobby or Archievers though and I have gotten so used to shopping there.  

I have unpacked my boxes and let me tell you, there is more crafting stuff now then even I thought I had.  So in an effort to pair down my stash, I will be giving away some ModPodge products over the next couple of weeks.

All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what you like or dislike about ModPodge...

Well that's the update for me today..

For those who may live in my area, I have started a Meetup Group and would love to have you join in.  We will be holding our first meeting soon so join us now.  Remember that because we live in an area where we do have Winter, I have a video chat channel as well set up for virtual crops and chats.   The schedule will be posted early next week.

Sending crafty hugs your way...



  1. Modpodge the glue? I like that it adheres and seals stuff...

  2. yep, that's it. I have been using ModPodge for over 10 years and I love it. :-) Thanks for leaving the comment.

  3. I have been using Modpodge for many many years before I discovered scrapbooking. I did not know this was affiliated with Modpodge. That is great. I use it on all my altered projects.