Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where do you get...

bling?  Mesh bling?  I haven't seen it in my local Michael's which is 62 miles from my house, LOL.  I want to try a few altered projects.. A friend suggested I put the paper away and create something a bit more 3 dimensional. Something to get my hands dirty. Well I do not have much here in the way of 3-D supplies so.. I got a small box from a SS, have some patterned paper that I can use but no bling... So.. leave a comment on where you get your bling..

Thanks ..

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  1. Did you see my blog? I have a post with a site listed where you can order the mesh bling I've used on my last projects!!! This stuff is such fun! Come on over and take a peek, I think you'll like this!

    If you can't find the post with the link let me know and I'll come back and give it to you!