Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My mood today.. I need some kind words and inspiration..

Not into the crafting mood today.  There is something about cold, damp weather that makes me want to snuggle up in bed and just sleep.  My desk is a mess.. My crafts are in piles on the floor (moving them) and I need a few storage ideas.  Any suggestions?  

I also dropped out of the1-2-1 swaps on LSH.  I was part of the Christmas SS swap and to this day, I haven't received my box.  I did contact the owner of the site, but have not heard back from her either.  I don't know why folks do that.. it would have just been easy not join up if you weren't going to participate. 

I did see a very interesting video that definitely spoke to me.  I like journaling, in my heart, but it's getting it down on paper that's the issue.  I never know a right or a wrong way to do it.  I do have a Smash Book, got one for Christmas.. and I am still not knowing what to do with it.. I have a couple of journals I started... but haven't finished (writing in them).  I think I think more and write less.. which I want to at least bring the writing in tune with the thinking (lol)

So.. I know I want to do something... but have a feeling of ... ____________________.  I am going to step back and settle into something less crafty.. give my mind a chance to restart... look over my list and hopefully get back to finishing the existing projects I have waiting for me.  

Wishing you a very crafty day...


  1. I had a sour experience at he same group. It is never good when you go through the effort to hold up your end of the bargain but don't get anything in return. The lack of communication on top of that is even more frustrating. Girlfriend, just step away from all that craziness. Put on some good music and do something fun that is not craft related. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better more creative day:)